How To Earn Online For Real Beginners

How to earn online is the topic in this blog site. I will discuss here ways by which a real beginner can earn online and succeed in earning online.

This is a blog site for earning online. Here you will find the steps you can take in order that you can earn some money online. You will also find here descriptions of programs which you can use. Some are free, others require payment. But whether they are free or paid programs, they have been screened and reviewed so that they are not scams, deceitful ways of getting your money.

There are only three steps that a real beginner can take in order to earn online. These three steps are:

1. Get good guides who can really help you in earning online. These guides are those who are honest, knowledgeable, experienced and successful.

2. Follow the recommendation of your guides. Most probably they will recommend to you a program in the Internet which will enable you to earn online. Follow that recommendation.

3. The third step is to advertise the programs recommended by your guides.

Get Good Guides Who Can Really Help You in Earning Online

The FIRST STEP is the most important step. The reason is because you will find that there are many programs in the Internet, in fact thousands upon thousands of programs, which say that they will enable anyone with a computer having an Internet connection to earn money—anyone, even if you do not have money.

And if you do not have a guide who will tell you what works and what does not work, then you may spend months, or even years, testing this program and that program. And after so many trials you are just as dead broke as when you started.

Most crucial among the criteria for choosing your guide is honesty. Make sure that your guide is honest. He will not fool you and waste your time and money. He is not a scammer. The Internet is a world where there are good guys, but there are also many bad guys, certainly many more than the good guys.

Make sure your guide is somebody who knows about earning online. But not only does he know about this. He has really experienced earning online and he has done this successfully.

If you do not have a good guide, chances are that you will be wasting your time and money testing this and that program. But if you have a good guide, he will tell you immediately what works and what does not work and then you can begin working towards success, not towards trial and error and perhaps success.

There are many programs which are really scams, fraudulent ways of getting your money or wasting your time. Your guide will steer you away from these programs.

There are also programs which will spam you, meaning they will write you or cause others to write you letters upon letters, hundreds of them, offering this and that program as the way to earn online. Before you know it your Inbox has thousands of such letters. A good guide will help you escape the path of these spammers.

The question then is: How do you find such a good guide?

The general answer is by searching in the Internet. The specific answer is by getting the recommendation of somebody whom you can trust. This guide will not get your money. He will only teach you how to join free programs in the beginning. Later when he thinks you have some kind of experience in internet marketing he will recommend paid programs which he has tried to be effective in earning online.

A test I use to find a good guide is to write to these persons who present themselves as guides in internet marketing. If they correspond with me promptly and honestly then I take them as good guides. If they do not answer my email or they are not prompt in answering and they offer one program after another, I drop them from my list of good guides. If they answer with an automatic autoresponder I drop them from that list.

I have been fortunate to meet good guides in internet marketing: Darren Olander who saved me much money by steering me away from scams, Michel Bellefeuille who told me which pay to click programs really pay, David Crist who introduced me to a free program, Alfred Ho who gave me 4 very good ebooks on how to make money online, all 4 very good ebooks for free.

Follow the Recommendation of Your Guides

The SECOND STEP is to follow the recommendation of your guides. If you have questions do not hesitate to ask them from your guides. If you have a good guide he will only recommend free programs from the beginning.

Advertise the Program Recommended by Your Guides

The THIRD STEP is something that will take much of your time, in fact the rest of your time in earning online. This is advertising or promoting the program that is recommended by your guide. As you promote, others will follow you and you will earn from their effort. You will experience what they call “leveraging”, earning a little from the effort of more and more people, multiplying your earnings.

That is the outline of how to begin making money online. A good company to start with if you are living in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, or Australia is found in this website If you live outside of these four countries a good program for you to start with is Both are free, but the first one I mentioned, the 5forfree, is free only for those living in those four countries. The second one is free wherever you are in the world.

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